My Story

Divain is a force of nature, presenting a selection of uncompromising hard techno, acid, and industrial. Originating from Lithuania, she currently resides in the Hague, where she frequently hosts her own nights in Club Magistrat, where she also is a resident. Besides from playing at events, doing podcasts & livestreams she also manages the organization ReBORN; which hosted over 100+ clubnights/events.

Starting in 2016, Divain has had fell in love with the art of deejaying, after hosting her own numerous events. Within these few years boundaries have been pushed, and a name has been made - with a steady residence in The Hague, and numerous international gigs. Having shared the stage with many artists and venues, she still continues to amaze the crowd with her selection of music and energy she puts into her sets.,

As she is slowly building up her portfolio, she has had the honour to play in amazing venues such as Sugarfactory, Ruigoord, PIP, Cross Club, Magistrat, Magazijn, Hemingway, P23, John Doe and many more. Including events in countries besides from The Netherlands such as Barcelona, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, and Lithuania. And with podcasts having been aired worldwide and has had her own show hosted on AWM.FM radio in Amsterdam, and currently a livestream series on Facebook/ Magistrat.

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